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The current world scenario has pushed businesses to sell goods online. The consumers have turned to e-commerce websites and mobile applications to purchase a variety of available products ranging from daily essentials to medicines. The line-up of online business products has diversified extensively. 


Switching to the online medium has become a necessity for businesses irrespective of their domain. The online market place for sale presents itself as a lucrative business environment. 


Get your business online offers a one-point solution for B2C as well as B2B companies to take their business vision online and initiate the sale of goods and services with maximum efficiency. 

Why Outsource Your Website Design and Development Project?

Do you want to sell your own products online? That’s a good decision, however, a lot of businesses make the error of embarking on a do-it-yourself job. After investing a ton of time, money and energy into such projects, they realise that their online site does not perform as well as it should. When you want to sell products online in India, it’s best to outsource to reputed companies who can create a winning site that will give you an excellent return on investment.

At GYBO, we specialise in handling your project from A to Z. We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to all things digital. You won’t have to look for other companies to handle smaller aspects of your website as our holistic services covers it all. From design to optimization to mobile marketing, you’ll find everything you need to sell own products online.



There is a risk of businesses going down as people are hesitant to go to a physical store to do their purchases. Further, more and more merchandise is available online and shoppers are gravitating towards purchasing things online if possible. 

All businesses from automobiles to restaurants to mom and pop stores selling groceries must move to the online world of the web to survive. It's no longer a fashion statement or a nice thing to have. It is a must to survive!!!

This is where Get Your Business Online (GYBO) comes into play. 

Get Your Business Online (GYBO) is a full service online sales platform that you can use instantly to sell your goods and services under your name and website using the look and feel that you want. It’s made both for B2C (Retail Stores) and B2B (Corporate Sales)

It's similar to other trending onsite sales platforms without the need to pay on an each sale basis.

The Big Picture

The product consists of two parts:

  • Customer Experience Section - This is what your customer looks at on the web and can do all its interactions with your store.

  • Admin Section - This is where you administer the store by putting different products and services for sale, adding details about them, setting up pricing, delivery options, promotions, referral details and many other options that you typically have in a physical store

All this is provided to you as a hassle free website managed by us. You do not have to manage your servers, IIIrd party software or backup servers. You do not need your own data center. 

We do the tech management for you and you do your product/services sale.

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Detailed Feature Set

The following features are available and for further details about them please click below on learn more. 

  • Products Configuration Features

  • Payment Methods Support

  • Pricing 

  • Order Management

  • Customer Configuration Features

  • Supplier Management

  • Delivery

  • Inventory and Stock Management

  •  Other Necessary Features                                    

Additional Services Offered

The following additional services are offered by Mindmill at an additional cost:

  • KPO (Knowledge Based Outsourced Support) where our Support Group can offer 24 x 7 telephonic support to answer your product/services queries to your esteemed customers in a professional manner.

  • Product Photography

  • Digital Marketing on Social Media sites

  • SEO (to help improve your sites position in search engine ranking)

  • Configuration Management Services to help you configure your store for you.

  • Full Accounting Software integrated with GYBO™

  • Delivery Management App (TrackSquad™) for Tracking the complete delivery process from stock loading to delivery at customer site.

  • Setup and Management of Virtual Accounts for Large and Multiple Customers and Suppliers if needed.

  • Provide seamless delivery and pickup using delivery partners

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Questions about our product/services? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

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