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How to Set Up and Grow your Online Business this Diwali

Ecommerce has revamped the entire shopping landscape across the country and the festive season presents itself as a potential landmine of opportunities for new as well as established businesses. However, with an increase in competition, it has become exceedingly challenging for businesses to survive.

Therefore the question arises - How can one start an online business this Diwali or grow an existing one? Let’s discuss the factors that impact the optimal online presence and revenue generation of an e-commerce business.

  • Market Preparedness

Sale is omnipresent during the Diwali season. It is one of the primary reasons for heavy traffic on e-commerce websites. Planning and starting the sale at the right time is imperative to ensure that you don’t lose the market to your competition. Research the market well to get a better idea of the consumer behaviour on your web page with the help of Google analytics and detailed admin reports.

  • The Website

The power of website design is limitless when it comes to generating customer interest. The website represents your brand and acts as the primary tone-setter for the business transaction. A customer will make the purchase decision if there are no issues with navigating or comprehending. Therefore, set up an e-commerce website that is exceptionally easy to scroll and provides with only relevant information about the products. Considering the Diwali season, the website design should inculcate the theme of the festival through interesting banners, carousel collage, etc.

  • Consumer Interest and Loyalty

To start an online business this Diwali, it is crucial to ensure its long-term survival. The festive season can be used to plan a plethora of enticing discounts and other relative add ons that can fuel consumer interest and establish a strong brand image. Some effective strategies include promo codes, redeem points and complimentary gifts with every order. The gift can be anything small that doesn’t dig too deep in the budget. The idea is to combine it with the brand logo so as to enhance brand visibility and recognition. If done right, businesses can create their own loyal client base.

While setting up an e-commerce website is merely the beginning of a long journey, active and perpetual implementation of strategies is integral for businesses to reap healthy results. The mentioned pointers are a few effective ways that businesses can use to pave a clear path and steer smoothly through the festive season and beyond.

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