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A Handy Guide for Businesses to Sell Products Online on Diwali

It is not called the country’s biggest festival for nothing. Diwali is a time of magnum opportunities for e-commerce business owners. However, with the rise in the number of e-commerce websites, the competition has reached a new level.

Setting up an attractive website no more qualifies as the only effective strategy in the present market climate.

So how to sell products online on Diwali? Here is a comprehensive guide.

· Convenient Website Interface

So a customer lands on your website and is looking to make a purchase but cannot find the product or the search bar? A definite red flag. Never use complex templates or redundant information while designing the website. Customer interest is the key to customer retention, thus only place relevant information/products and present it in a manner that connects at first sight.

· Visual Appeal

In order to establish a strong relationship with your consumer the visual element of your website should stick out. While keyword optimization will land interested clients on your product page, it is the visual that will make them stay. Professionally captured product photographs give a detailed overview to clients keeping them interested and engaged.

· Discounts and Offers

One of the foremost reasons for a substantial increase in traffic on e-commerce websites during Diwali is the abundance of enticing offers. Lure your customers with limited time deals on specific products. Once you have them roped in it gets easier to market the rest of the product range. A tested format to increase interest and awareness.

· Customer Loyalty

Give your customers extra. Something that instils a relationship with your brand. This surplus can be in the form of free shipping, marketplace fulfilment, flexible return policy, or a round the clock helpline number. Once you acquire these, do not forget to talk about it pro-actively on the home page.

· Testimonials and Reviews

Another great strategy to sell products online on Diwali is to portray positive customer reviews and testimonials. Couple it with pictures of real people and place it where people will notice. Organic customer reviews have a deeper and a more potent impact as compared with other marketing efforts.

We hope this guidebook answers the question of how to sell products online on Diwali. Moreover, assists you in making the best use of heavy traffic and generate ample revenue. That being said, longevity is crucial in the success of an online e-commerce business. The aforementioned points will not only help your business sail through the festive season but establish a long-term clientele.

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