Dollar Notes

Get Your Business Online Benefits

Time Savings

You save your sales time by letting people browse your offerings at their own leisure and speed. You do not need to stand with them as they look at your product offering. You also dramatically reduce the time spent in the sales process as the whole thing is automated.

Image Building

Your business immediately appears as a tech-savvy enterprise and you gain a lot of respect in your customer’s eyes as they see you as a “with the word” enterprise. You also gain a lot of respect with your peers as you have done what they have been thinking about but never knew how to do this.

Effort Savings

Your effort of managing your business goes down dramatically as suddenly, your business is well organized, self-marketing, and you need to spend much less time educating your customer. Your discount calculation, offers and referrals are automatically handled.
By looking at customer and product analytics you will know which products to focus on and which customers to focus on.

Money Savings

Your business grows and makes more money since physical customer visits are no longer required. People will buy more as they are not rushed in the store. Customers are also shown “frequently purchased together” products for additional cross selling.

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